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SmartPhrases and SmartLink ideas, through edit- ... 2003, when Epic’s Hyperspace June 2002 version was current, many EpicCare versions ago. From Febru- OBJECTIVES: 1) Master an understanding of the difference between medical and legal capacity. 2) Gain a familiarity with estate planning documents, including medical powers of attorney, medical directives, and guardianships.

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Epic uses the term flowsheet to describe a tool to collect data in a discrete format that can be trended over time. There are different types of data that flowsheets can store, including string (or free text), numeric, custom list, date, and time, to name a few.
Mar 13, 2008 · For my last heme oncology rotation I had a .onc which essentially prefilled my note with vitals I/o all TLS labs and neutrophil counts and lines arranged in the order we presented. My first task of any day was to type .onc in a blank note on every patient and I was basically done with data gathering and could go see patients. Love me some epic. Epic integrates electronic fetal monitoring systems more tightly with inpatient workflows in the Epic EHR. The interfaces control establishing a shared identity with the EFM system, transmitting monitor vitals information from the fetal monitor to Epic, and associated documentation done in Epic with the fetal strip.

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Flowsheets are an information tool optimized for tracking observations at multiple points in time. They are part of the everyday work of nursing (e.g., vital signs, Ins and Outs, etc.) and allied health (e.g., respiratory device measures), but can also be used by physicians to track important clinical findings over time (e.g., CiWA tracking of ...
Jul 12, 2006 · 60,000 visits to EMR and HIPAA!! That is really quite exciting and astounding for me. I’m even more impressed because looking at my statistics it seems like people are returning again and aga… Founded in a basement in 1979, Epic develops software to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier.

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Flowsheets (formerly known as Documentation Flowsheets or Doc Flowsheets) are a customizable documentation tool typically used in specialties that need to capture a wide variety of discrete...
Start studying Epic AMB100. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. What is he describing? (Select one.) A) Flowsheet B) SmartText with SmartLinks C)...Flowsheet cos ffiel Call 65 Letter Test CBC W DIFFER Rslt Note New Resu 1 of 1 Patient Amb, Reyesone 1 normal result 2 abnormal labs 633 result letter 02/02/12 CBC W DIFFERENTIAL Manage QuickActons Status: Final result NorthShoreConnect: Released

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A SmartLink is a piece of dynamic code in Epic that enables a different message or text to display based on the evaluation of certain criteria. SmartLinks can be inserted into users' notes on the fly, with a "dot or period" like .NAME to enter the patient's name, or added to SmartPhrases and SmartTexts by placing it between @ symbols, like ...
Open EPIC MySmartPhrases/Smart Phrase Manager and select New 10. Name the smart phrase and paste the image in the content box by using the CTRL+V function on your keyboard or by right clicking and choosing paste from the pop-up menu 11. Epic Certified Senior Application Analyst in EpicCare Ambulatory, Healthy Planet, Cogito, Caboodle Data Model and EpicCare Link ... flowsheet, smartlink/text/phrase build, WE rule configuration ...

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Epic flowsheet data smartphrase keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of Now, you can add a SmartLink using the values of these FLO IDs to a SmartPhrase.
Cerner Note Template Connect Care prescribers share personalization tips via a personalization theme in the tips.connect-care.ca postings. Prescribers can subscribe to be alerted via email. The "Tippy" online series (tippy.connect-care.ca) includes personalization techniques made possible by recent updates.

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Cerner Note Template
Our EPIC implementation has a SmartLink information link buried within a lab result's page which displays the component ID, component name, common name, and base name (if there is one). I am guessing that searching by common name will be difficult as many common names have white space characters and dashes, both of which end the .LASTLAB (and ...