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Here you can download a copy of the unit circle. It has all of the angles in Radians and Degrees. It also tells you the sign of all of the trig functions in each quadrant. Or if you need, we also offer a unit circle with everything left blank to fill in. #1 - Gold Box Puzzle There are three boxes in a table. One of the box contains Gold and the other two are empty. A printed message contains in each box. One of the message is true and the other two are lies. The first box says "The Gold is not here". The Second box says "The Gold is not here". The Third box says "The Gold is in the Second box".

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Brain teaser puzzles and riddles with answers for your interviews and entrance tests. In this section you can learn and practice logic puzzles, number puzzles, word puzzles, math puzzles etc. These puzzles are designed to test with Numerical ability, Logical thinking, Maths problem solving with sp
These easy math puzzles with answers turn out to be a big challenge for those whose mind is not used to work. These riddles and ... The Viral 1 4 = 5 Puzzle : Maths Puzzles with Answers This puzzle is no ordinary one. Shared on Facebook, it went viral with ...We make hard, challenging puzzles designed specifically for older kids and adults. All puzzles are specially formatted to print out prefectly on regular paper. We use large-print fonts that even the most sensitive eyes can handle. There's a fun trivia fact hidden in most word search puzzles.

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Crossword Solver. Use dots or dashes for missing letters. Try this: pu--le Use spaces to separate words. Try this: cr---w--d pu--le Tip: Don't type in the clue. Just the answer with missing letters.
Use our generators to make math worksheets, crossword puzzles, word searches, match-ups, sudoku, word scrambles, brain teasers, money worksheets, time worksheets and more!! Pen Pals & Key Pals We help you match your classroom to other classrooms around the world. This is a free service! Librarians MathSphere Sudoku Fill in the puzzle so that every row across, every column down and every 3 by 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Medium Puzzle 4 7 8 4 2 5 3 1 5 4 5 6 7 9 3 4 5 8 2 8 7 9 3 5 3 9 6 4 5 2 9 9 4 8 8 1 7 Clues: 1. Find the 7 in row 2 2. Find the remaining 7s 3. Row 2 column 8 can only be 6.

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Like Sudoku puzzles, but with math, edHelperKu puzzles (also known as KenKen puzzles) can be customized with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and various combinations thereof. Unlike regular Sudoku puzzles, students use math clues provided in the puzzle itself to figure out which numbers should be entered into which boxes.
Then try solving these number sequence puzzles with answers. In each box, sum of numbers in first column divided by sum of numbers in third column gives middle number in second column. Find the center number in number sequence math puzzle. View answer.This crossword puzzle, “ Math Terms Geometry, ” was created using the Crossword Hobbyist puzzle maker

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The 4x4 Easy/Med puzzles are either Easy or Medium and this varies and changes daily. Larger puzzles are much harder than smaller puzzles (e.g. the Easy 8x8 is far harder than the Hard 5x5, but much easier than the Hard 8x8).
Fill-Ins are just like crossword puzzles but with words instead of clues. Your challenge is to fill in the puzzle grid by fitting in all of the given words. The puzzles found in Fill-Ins vary in difficulty from easy to hard. Harder word fit puzzles have less variation in word length with the hardest puzzles containing only 3 and 4 letter length ... We have over 40016 of the best Puzzle games for you! Play online for free at Kongregate, including UnpuzzleX, Escape Game - Computer Office Escape, and Medieval Chronicles 8 (Part 2)

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Visual discrimination, mixed-up puzzles, number puzzles, math puzzles, magic squares, river crossing and matchstick puzzles. Children will love them! Click and drag the matchsticks (or numbers or puzzle pieces) to solve these online puzzles.
IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved Logical Reasoning (Number Series) questions and answers with Explanation. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. All students, freshers can download Logical Reasoning Number Series quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. In this category, I have mathematical puzzles that require some kind of math to solve, like Arithmetic, algebra, equations, permutation, and combinations. https Sometimes, there are no right or wrong answers to these puzzles but how you approach the question matter a lot. we have a playlist devoted...

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The puzzle is presented in the 1960 book of Wallace Lee entitled Math Miracles (chapter 14, as quoted by Martin Gardner) and was popularized by the magician Art Benjamin in 1986. It was used in a 1994 job interview and subsequently appeared on the rec.puzzles newsgroup, where Bob Vesterman posted the particular solution presented above (1994-04 ...
Instructions: Enter the words you want your puzzle take to find and enter one word per line. Don't include commas or parenthesis. This is a free resource to create and print word searches, but if the word search is found to contain inappropriate content, or is poor quality we reserve the right to remove it. Back to Free Word Searches